Who To Inform When Someone Dies

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Other people to inform

As well as telling relatives and friends there are a number of other people/organisations to be informed.

The following people/organisations may be relevant but not necessarily comprehensive for everyone’s circumstances:

      • Employer/School/College
      • Solicitor/Accountant
      • Deceased’s Tax Office
      • National Insurance Contributions office if they were self-employed (to cancel payments)
      • Local council if the deceased paid rates, had a parking permit, was issued with a blue badge for disabled parking, received Social Service’s help or attended day care
      • UK Passport Agency to cancel and return passport
      • Local Authority of Landlord if deceased rented property
      • DVA to return driving licence or cancel car tax
      • The family doctor, district nurse, social worker, home-help, day- care centre and other healthcare providers (hospital, dentist etc)
      • Insurance companies including car, travel, life, medical etc
      • Pension providers
      • Banks, Building Societies
      • Mortgage provider
      • Hire Purchase and/or Loan companies
      • Credit card provider/store card
      • Utility companies (electricity, gas etc)
      • Royal Mail if mail requires redirecting
      • Social groups or clubs to which the deceased belonged
      • Creditors (anyone to whom the deceased owed money)
      • Debtors (anyone who owed the deceased money)