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Acknowledgement – Dorothy Hanna


The husband of the late Dorothy Hanna wishes to thank all those who sympathised with him on his sad bereavement. Many thanks to those who visited the home, sent cards and messages, brought gifts, phoned and gave donations in lieu of flowers, attended the funeral or helped in any way.

The support of carers over the years continues to be greatly valued. The care from paramedics, and the hospital staff was greatly appreciated as well as the kindness and generosity of neighbours, friends and family. The support of the Rev. David McMillan in visiting is much appreciated and I wish to thank him and the Rev Ben Johnston for conducting the funeral. Those who brought food and helped in the house and provided catering in the church hall are also much appreciated.

Finally I would like to thank Mr David Robinson and colleagues for the caring and dignified way in which they carried out the funeral.

Please accept this as a token of appreciation for all the kindness shown to me at this time.

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